Pre-Dental, Pre-Medical, Pre-Pharmacy, or Pre-Veterinary Specialization

Chemistry (BS)

Chemistry (BS) Pre-Dental, Pre-Medical, Pre-Pharmacy, or Pre-Veterinary Specialization

Although professional schools do not require a particular major, chemistry curriculum with biochemistry specialization combined with a broad liberal arts education provides flexibility for comprehensive preparation for college admission tests and admission coursework requirements set by health professional schools. Hence, if the study of chemistry is of an interest to you, than this degree track could be a great fit for you.

Most health professional schools require the following science courses:

  • General (Inorganic) Chemistry
  • Organic Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Physics
  • Biochemistry

Requirements do vary from school to school. Students considering this career path are strongly advised to contact the school of their choice early in their studies for admission requirements.

The admission process is highly competitive and typically includes a review of:

  • transcripts (courses, grades)
  • performance on college admission test:
    • DCAT Dental College Admission Test
    • MCAT Medical College Admission Test
    • PCAT Pharmacy College Admission Test
    • VCAT Veterinary College Admission Test
  • recommendation letters

For competitive applications, Department of Chemistry and Physics provides Community Recommendation Letter to their academically outstanding chemistry majors who demonstrate excellence in activities such as research, community service, chemistry club or others. Letters are endorsed by faculty/staff in the department after approval by the majority of votes.

Eligibility (minimum cumulative GPA of 3.70) does not guarantee approval. When to apply: Usually at a time of applying to graduate/professional school. How to apply: Submit written request to your research or academic advisor or department chair.

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