Program Data

Clinical Psychology (MS)

Clinical Psychology (MS) Program Data

The MS in Clinical Psychology program keeps current data on our students and alumni: 

  • The number of applicants, accepted, and enrolled students for Fall of 2023: 
    • Applicants:  68
    • Accepted:     35
    • Enrolled: 9 
  • The average retention rate of first-year students:  90%  
  • The total number of students in the program as of Fall 2023: 

Total number of graduate students:  25 

    • 1st year students:  9
    • 2nd year students: 7
    • 3rd year students:  9 
  • Number of graduates:   130 graduates (2008-2023) 
  • The graduation rate over the previous five years:  99%
  • Graduates (last five years) licensed in the United States and credentialed outside the United States:
    • Licensed:  37%
    • Credentialed:  10%
    • Entered Doctoral programs:  50% 
  • Our Courses:  In the Master of Science in Clinical Psychology Program, 90% of our classes are taught by full-time faculty. Program adjunct faculty are chosen with care when needed. This year the program has employed two adjunct faculty members, both of whom are alumni of our program. 
  • Our Faculty:
    The diversity of our faculty is broad and encompasses age, gender, and ethnicity. There is a mixture of older psychologists and younger psychologists. There are four men and three women faculty in the department. There is a wide range of ethnicities and national origins: one faculty member is African American from the Diaspora, one faculty member is originally from Haiti, one faculty member is originally from Ecuador, one faculty member is originally from Canada, and several faculty members of varied European descent are originally from other states in the country. Each faculty member brings a unique and valuable cultural background and perspective to the Department of Psychology. 

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