What can you do with this degree?

Communication and Media Studies (BA)

Communication and Media Studies (BA) What can you do with this degree?

According to recent surveys, CEOs of corporations say that effective nonverbal and verbal communication, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills are important in a business environment. Majoring in communication and media studies provides a strong liberal arts background and skills that make our students sought after by both profit and non-profit organizations.

Some students graduating with a degree in communication and media studies choose to pursue graduate studies, while others may find success in the following career tracks:

Advertising: Marketing Researcher, Copy Writer, Account Executive, Media Planner, Media Buyer.

Communication Education: High School Speech Forensics/Debate Coach, Researcher, Fundraiser.

Electronic Media, Radio, & Television Broadcasting: Broadcaster, Community Relations Director, News Writer, Advertising Sales Coordinator, Market Researcher, Social Media Marketer, Social Media Researcher.

Journalism (Print or Electronic): Reporter, Editor, Script Writer, News Service Researcher, Technical Writer.

Public Relations: Publicity Manager, Marketing Researcher, Lobbyist, Corporate Public Affairs Specialist, Account Executive, News Writer, Public Opinion Researcher.

Government/Politics: Public Information Officer, Legislative Assistant, Research Analyst, Lobbyist.

Communication and Health Care: Health Campaign Coordinator, Healthcare Advocate, Grants Writer, Public Relations Officer, Research Analyst, Social Marketing Officer.

Law: Legal Researcher, Mediation & Negotiation Specialist, Legal Secretary, Legal Reporter.

Social and Human Services: Human Rights Official, Peace Keeper, Community Affairs Liaison.

Career Paths of Our Recent Graduates of the Communication and Media Studies program include:

  • Special Events Coordinator, Roc-away PR
  • Public Affairs Officer, Department of Veterans Affairs, Washington, DC
  • Instructor, Miami Dade College
  • Portfolio Consultant, Lonsdale Advertising Agency, Nassau
  • Community Coordinator, World Committee on Disability, Washington DC
  • Public Affairs Specialist, Smithsonian Institute, Air and Space Museum

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