Minor in Chemistry

Department of Chemistry and Physics

Department of Chemistry and Physics Minor in Chemistry

A chemistry minor (for students with a major in another field) requires 20 credits of chemistry courses:

  • General Chemistry I CHE 111 (3), 111L ( 1) 4
  • General Chemistry II CHE 112 (3), 112L (1) 4
  • CHE Electives 300 level and above 12

Students already fulfilling the requirements for a biology degree (CHE 111/111L, CHE 112/112L, CHE 343/343L, CHE 344/344L or CHE 352/352L) only need 4 additional credits in chemistry to achieve chemistry minor. Pre-health students usually select biochemistry I (CHE 352/352L) or biochemistry II (CHE 353) as this helps with preparation for college admission tests set by health professional schools.

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