On-Campus Employment Opportunities

Department of Chemistry and Physics

Department of Chemistry and Physics On-Campus Employment

Lab Assistant Positions

Students may apply for laboratory work as a laboratory assistant. The laboratory assistant generally assists the lab director with the set-up of experiments for the various teaching labs, maintenance of glassware and chemical inventory databases, general maintenance of the chemical stockroom, and routine inspection of emergency safety equipment. Students must be a science major - chemistry major or minor preferred – and have successfully completed either CHE 095 or CHE 111.

The laboratory assistant may also assist a lab instructor with helping students perform various experiments (this assistant is usually referred to as the "TA"). The TA must have successfully completed the course s/he will be assisting in with a grade of "B" or better, and be available during those scheduled lab hours. Students applying for this TA position must be a science major - chemistry major or minor preferred. For further information, contact the department's Stockroom & Laboratory Director, Maria Aloya (Chemical Stockroom, maloya@barry.edu).

Tutoring Positions

Chemistry or physics student tutor must be an undergraduate or graduate science major who demonstrated thorough knowledge of the subject to be tutored and has dedication, and initiative to work with undergraduate students enrolled in chemistry or physics courses.

Essential duties

  • Attending mandatory tutor training
  • Conducting out of classroom tutoring sessions
  • Maintaining regular schedule
  • Assisting students with developing time management and studying skills


  • Must have earned an "A" or "A-" in subject for which tutoring services are being provided
  • Must demonstrate knowledge and competence in the subject
  • Must maintain cumulative GPA of at least 3.40
  • Must be able to work with students one-on-one or in small groups
  • Must be able to hold independent tutoring sessions reinforcing lessons and assisting with completion of homework and practice assignments
  • Must be committed to punctuality, attendance and accountability

Supplemental Information

  • This position is for CHE 095, CHE 111, CHE 112, CHE 152, CHE 343, CHE 344, PHY 151, PHY 201, PHY 202 including labs

For further information, contact Dr. Zajickova at zzajickova@barry.edu

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