Minor in Social Science

Department of History & Political Science

Department of History and Political Science Minor in Social Science

The social science minor is designed to meet Florida requirements for middle school (grades 5-9) teacher certification.

Students must complete all of the following courses:

  • HIS 102: Western Civilization II
  • HIS 201:
  • HIS 202: U.S. People and Ideas II
  • ECO 201: Principles of Macroeconomics
  • POS 201: American Government

Students must complete one of the following courses:

  • HIS 308: History of Asian Civilization
  • HIS 339: Germany Since 1871
  • HIS 383: History of Latin American Colonial Period to 1824
  • HIS 384: History of Latin American National Period from 1824 to the present
  • HIS 449: Race, Gender, and Class in Latin America

Students must complete one of the following courses:

  • GEO 301: World Environments, People and Places
  • GEO 303: Geography of Europe
  • GEO 305: Latin American Geography
  • GEO 307: Physical Geography
  • GEO 308: United States Geography
  • GEO 320: Geography of Disasters
  • GEO 346: Geography Politics and Power

For information on specific state requirements for certification see: http://www.fldoe.org/edcert/rules/6A-4-0331.asp

For information on the minor contact Dr. E. Timothy Smith: esmith@barry.edu

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