Minor in Data Analytics

Mathematical Science (BS)

Mathematical Science (BS) Minor in Data Analytics

The Data Analytics  minor will equip students with a fundamental study of concepts and methodologies in data analysis including basic probability, statistics, and programming skills which are necessary knowledge components for data analysts. The curriculum will enable students to develop skills to manipulate and process large amounts of data to provide solutions for businesses, scientific research or any other entity with big data.

The minor consists of the following 20 credits:

  • MAT 152 or MAT 356: Elementary Statistics and Probability (3)
  • MAT/CS 204: Introduction to Data Science (3)
  • CS 211 or CS 231: Computer Programming I (4)
  • MAT/CS 333: Data Analytics (3)
  • CS 306: Database Analysis and Logic Design (4)
  • Elective: Choose from approved electives (3)

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