Minor in Digital Media Technologies

Mathematics and Computer Science

Mathematics and Computer Science Minor in Digital Media Technologies

This minor is designed for students to develop a strong foundation in the various platforms, processes, structures, and techniques needed for the creation, transformation, and dissemination of digital media. The curriculum will enable students to develop skills that can lead to providing digital solutions to today’s modern enterprises. 

The minor consists of the following 18 credits plus a 3-credit elective:

  • CS 310 3D Modeling and Printing
  • CS 317 Ethics and Digital Technology
  • CS 320 Introduction to 3D modeling and Computer Animation
  • CS 334 Computerized Graphics
  • CS 338 Web Design, Authoring, and Publishing
  • CS 341 Interactive Multimedia Systems

CS 180 Intro to Digital Literacy is required for all courses. All courses in the minor must be completed with a grade of “C” or better

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