Certificate in Photography

Department of Fine Arts - College of Arts and Sciences

Photography (BFA, BA) Graduation Requirements

Credits earned in Photography Major Courses are added with credits earned in the General Education Requirements, General Electives, and/or a Minor to total 120 credits minimum for graduation.

To demonstrate high professional standards, and to satisfy the University’s requirement for an integrative experience, graduating Photography majors earning the B.F.A. or B.A. degrees must participate in a senior exhibition in the University's gallery. The University reserves the right to reproduce and publish student works. Students will retain the copyright of their work. By the end of the senior year a core curriculum portfolio CD, which will be retained in the students file, is required. To facilitate assessment of the photography programs and the quality of the students’ work, each student is required to submit proof that a minimum of one of his or her photographic images has been submitted for exhibition or publishing off campus prior to graduation. The minimum grade of C is required in all major and minor courses.

Art & Photography Senior Exhibition

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