Concentration in Liturgical Studies

Theology (MA)

Theology (MA) Concentration in U.S. Hispanic/Latino(a) Theology and Ministry

The Department offers a Concentration in Hispanic/Latino Theology and Ministry as an opportunity for those who wish to acquire professional training in theology in light of the increasing number of Hispanic/Latino Catholic congregations and to reflect on the fundamental questions of human experience and the responses to these questions proposed by the liberal arts and sciences. The Master of Arts in Theology with a Concentration in Hispanic/Latino Ministry and Theology requires that students select three (3) of their six (6) elective courses from the Hispanic/ Latino Theology and Ministry curriculum. These three courses include both of the Foundational Courses (THE 630 and THE 632) and one other course from the Hispanic/Latino(a) Theology and Ministry curriculum.

Coursework for the Concentration in Hispanic/Latino Theology and Ministry includes the following:


  • THE 630G/630 US Hispanic/Latino(a) Theology
  • THE 632G/632 Hispanic/Latino(a) Ministry and Practical Theology

Distribution (3 Courses)

  • THE 716G/716 Latino(a) Popular Religiosity and its Ethics of Solidarity
  • THE 717G/717 Feminista/Mujerista Theology
  • THE 718G718 Liturgy and Preaching in Latino(a) Congregations
  • THE 720G/720 Christian Spirituality and US Hispanic/Latino(a) Experience

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