Admissions Requirements

Accounting (MS)

Accounting (MS) Admissions Requirements

Admission to graduate programs requires a bachelor's degree or equivalent from a regionally accredited or internationally recognized college or university. Some programs may have additional requirements.

Admission to the School of Business graduate program is granted only to those with a high promise of success in graduate business study. The School of Business recognizes that many factors determine a person's potential. Consequently, the School adopts a comprehensive application review by taking into consideration all aspects which support the candidate's admission. The Admissions Committee evaluates undergraduate preparation, entrance exam scores, managerial work experience, community service and motivation.

The documents required for submission include:

Transcripts. Official college and/or university transcript attesting to the receipt of a bachelor's degree in Accounting or equivalent from a regionally accredited college/university or a listed international institution and your cumulative undergraduate Grade Point Average (GPA).

If the applicant has an AACSB-school Bachelor degree with a major in Accounting then he/she must have a minimum overall GPA of 2.5 or an acceptable GMAT score. Please, see additional requirements for international students.

Statement of Purpose. The statement of purpose is an essay where applicants have the opportunity to express why they wish to pursue graduate studies in business and the desired career path. The Admissions Committee in the School of Business asks of all applicants to be thoughtful and succinct when writing the statement of purpose. Applicants are welcome to include, if applicable, a detailed description of the applicant's business or management experience, preferably in positions of significant or increasing responsibility.

Admission Interview. The Admissions Committee may require an interview.

Sufficient Undergraduate Preparation. Adequate undergraduate preparation in the required disciplines is noted below:

Writing skills. You must demonstrate adequate writing skills. If your skills are not adequate, you will be required to complete successfully a writing skills workshop before or during the first calendar year of your graduate study. This will better enable you to complete graduate research paper requirements, and to succeed in business.

Accounting (MS) Prerequisites and Preparatory Workshops

Business Prerequisites

Students must have completed an undergraduate accounting degree from a regionally accredited institution. Students who hold a Bachelor's degree in a discipline other than accounting must achieve equivalency in accounting. Applicants who are coming from a discipline other than Accounting may also need to complete the noncredit workshops listed below. This requirement will be determined during the application review process.

  • Pre-calculus and statistics: 20 hour workshop (BUS 511W)
  • Finance: 6 hour workshop (BUS 514W)

Accounting Equivalency

Students without a Bachelor degree with a major in Accounting must take appropriate accounting courses that parallel the coursework of a Barry University undergraduate degree with a major in Accounting.

Writing Proficiency

Applicants who do not demonstrate adequate writing skills will be required to successfully complete a writing skills workshop before or during the first year of graduate study.

  • Writing for Business: 20 hour workshop (BUS 518W).

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