Sport Management, MS/MBA

Dual Degree Program

Dual Degree Program Master of Science (MS) in Sport Management / Master of Business Administration (MBA)

The Master of Science in Sport Management (MS/MBA) dual degree program will provide you with industry-specific skills to succeed in the competitive area of sports. The graduate program at Barry includes:

  • A combination of courses in the Department of Health Promotion & Clinical Practice and the Andreas School of Business will provide you with the opportunity to develop management, marketing, and financial skills and allow you to develop a comprehensive knowledge of the sport enterprise.

  • Southeast Florida is one of the most dynamic environments in the country for sports. Area opportunities include: amateur and leisure sport organizations; college bowl games; collegiate athletics; entrepreneurial sporting activities; facility, recreational, and event organizations; metropolitan recreation and fitness facilities; world class golf and tennis facilities; and many professional sports teams.

  • The goal of the sport management program is to provide you with the richest combination of theory and hands-on experience available anywhere in the world today. A critical component of your program is our powerful internship program.

Career Opportunities. The MS/MBA program will prepare you for a variety of careers in the field of sport management including:

  • Athletic administration in amateur and professional sport (collegiate, Olympic, and international athletics);
  • Entrepreneurial business in schools, the tourism industry, fitness centers, and gyms;
  • Corporate sport, such as management of health clubs and recreation facilities in real estate developments, and corporate fitness centers;
  • Leisure and tourism including management of destination resorts and recreational activities; and
  • Park and recreation administration in recreation centers, YM/YWCA's, cities, and townships.

Program Overview. This 57 credit-hour program is comprised of coursework from the Department of Health Promotion & Clinical Practice and the School of Business. You will have the opportunity to select courses best suited to your individual interests. You may also pursue elective credits in other subject areas (e.g., journalism, communication, psychology) to enhance your education and professional preparation. The program combines theory and practice and includes decision-making models with an emphasis on practicing and promoting ethics and human values.

MBA Courses required for the Sport Management/MBA dual degree

  • MBA 603 International Business
  • MBA 617 Technology and Information Systems
  • MBA 621 Managerial Finance
  • MBA 646 Marketing in a Dynamic Environment
  • MBA 660 Managerial Accounting
  • MBA 681 Economics for Strategic Decisions
  • MBA 682 Strategy Formulation, Implementation and Entrepreneurship
  • MBA 683 Leadership and Advanced Management Concepts
  • MBA 692 Social, Legal, and Ethical Aspects of Business

*Any course with the MBA prefix which satisfies the prerequisites.

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