Sport Management MS/MBA dual degree

Sport Management MS/MBA dual degree Curriculum

This 57 credit-hour program will give you the opportunity to select courses best suited to your individual interests. You may also pursue elective credits in other subject areas (e.g., journalism, communication, psychology) to enhance your education and professional preparation. The program combines theory and practice and includes decision-making models with an emphasis on practicing and promoting ethics and human values.

MBA Courses required for the Sport Management/MBA dual degree

  • MBA 603: International Business 3
  • MBA 617: Technology & Information Systems 3
  • MBA 621: Managerial Finance 3
  • MBA 646: Marketing in a Dynamic Environment 3
  • MBA 660: Managerial Accounting 3
  • MBA 681: Economics for Strategic Decisions 3
  • MBA 682: Strategy Formulation, Implementation & Entrepreneurship 3
  • MBA 683: Leadership and Advanced Management Concepts 3
  • MBA 692: Social, Legal and Ethical Aspects of Business 3

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