Academic Advising

Getting the most out of Academic Advising

Academic Advising Getting The Most out of Academic Advising

Responsibilities of The Student

Course selection will be your responsibility. Your academic advisor can only advise and ensure that University and School of Business academic policies and regulations are followed.

To get the most out of academic advising, you should:

  • Develop your knowledge of the degree requirements for your major during your academic program.
  • Be aware of the correct sequencing of courses in order to graduate by your preferred graduation date.
  • Grow in your ability to make decisions concerning the courses for which you register each semester in order to complete the program by your preferred graduation date.
  • Develop the ability to know what you need to register for each semester and to complete your registration forms before coming for advising.
  • Seek out advising to resolve any doubts and concerns concerning program requirements and scheduling before the registration period begins.
  • Utilize your Barry University email account, the official method of communication for the University and the School of Business.
  • Know that academic advisors will make schedule adjustments based on semester grades in keeping with the University's academic policies concerning course load and required prerequisite courses.
  • Become familiar with and use the Web Advisor system for registration, grade reports, class schedule, and financial aid.

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