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Firefighter Minimum Standards I and II Program

Professional firefighters attend to the needs of individuals and communities during times of crises, disasters, and emergencies. Career opportunities for firefighters who are also trained as emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics are projected to continue to grow. A firefighting career is more than a job, it is a call to serve the community.

Barry University’s Continuing Education Department offers the Firefighter I & II Program - an intensive 6-month long, 515-hour course that meets the requirements for certification as a firefighter, set forth by the Bureau of Fire Standards and Training State Fire Marshal Office.

During this program, you will be prepared for the written and practical portions of the State Firefighter I & II Certification Examination, as well as gain hands-on skills development with all types of firefight tools such as ladders and hoses.  Additionally, you will learn many other essential skills such as hazardous materials awareness, vehicle extrication, breathing apparatus usage, safety techniques and more.

Our professional academy program emphasizes cognitive and practical skill mastery, which has led to a very high percentage of candidate placements within the fire service.

Pre-requisite Needed before Taking Firefighter FFP-110 and FFP-210

Candidates are required to either have an EMT license, completed an EMT course within the last two years, or have taken a 40-hour first responder course.

Firefighter Information for Firefighter FFP-110 and FFP-210

  • Then the next step is to register for our PAT (Physical Agility Test) to get into the Fire Academy. Cost for the PAT is $60.00.
  • Course Description – This is a combined course, which features two individual sections, FFP 110 (Firefighter I) and FFP 210 (Firefighter II).
  • Class meets on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday Nights from 5:00 pm until 10:00 pm and on Saturday from 08:00 am until 6:00
  • Cost of the program is $4,700
    • Fire 1 is $ 1800.00 Plus $ 50.00 Uniform SUPPLY fee
    • Fire 2 is $2,800 plus $50.00 material and SUPPLY fee
  • Additional cost include:
    • 1) Bunker gear ($750.00)
    • 2) IFSTA 7th Edition of Fire Fighting and Fire Department Operations Textbook ($96.00)                   
  • This course is approved by the State of Florida’s Fire College
  • This course meets the JPR’s of NFPA 1001 Standard for Firefighter Professional Qualifications 2019 edition – Ladders, Hose, Search & Rescue, Water Supply, Ventilation, Fire Extinguishers, Ropes and Knots, Building Construction, Vehicle Extrication, Technical Rescue, Salvage and Overhaul, and Fire Prevention
  • This course also includes the Hazardous Materials component of 24 hours of Operations level training that follows NFPA 472 Standard for Competence of Responders to Hazardous Materials/Weapons of Mass Destruction
  • This course also includes the Division of Forestry portion, which includes I-100 Intro to ICS, S-190 Intro to Fire Behavior, S-130 Basic Wildland Firefighter, L-180 Human Factors on the Fireline, S-110 Orientation to Fire Suppression.

Class Offerings for the Year 2023

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Class Offerings for the Year 2024

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Registration Information for the Fire Academy


This is the first step in the process!

Fire Fighter Drill

Academy Entrance Physical Ability Test

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PAT Registration Instructions

Additional questions may be directed to:

  • Fire Academy and PAT questions - Chief Benjamin Alderson at 954-444-0813 or via email to
  • General EMS/Fire programs questions and registration - 954-443-0561 or via email to

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