Adult Literacy Certificate (ALC) Program

Reading (MS/EdS)

Reading (MS/EdS) Adult Literacy Certificate (ALC) Program The Adult Literacy Certificate option is available for individuals who wish to become highly-qualified literacy professionals to teach secondary, college, and adult learners.

The ALC Program introduces andragogy (the art and science of teaching adult learners), seminal research-based literacy theories, differentiated effective instructional practices, and literacy intervention strategies relevant to teaching secondary, college and adult learners.

This program requires individuals to hold a bachelor's degree from an accredited university.

Adult Literacy Certificate Program consists of four Barry University graduate reading/literacy courses (12 credits):

  • Barry

    EDU 630 Essential Readings in Adult Literacy

    Provides an introduction to adult literacy as it relates to the development and implementation of integrated curricular; linguistic and cognitive theories, and sociocultural and socio-political issues pertaining to literacy that are the foundation for current directions in literacy practices and instruction.
  • Barry

    EDU 604 Teaching Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension

    Focuses on improving the teaching vocabulary and comprehension. Research-based vocabulary and comprehension strategies are taught through modeling and differentiated lesson planning. Focus on the impact of vocabulary acknowledge and reading comprehension.
  • Barry

    EDU 612 Teaching Reading to Secondary, College, and Adult Students

    Studies the major components involved in the teaching of reading at the secondary, college and adult levels. Includes research-based diagnostic-prescriptive procedures and the organization and implementation of corrective instruction in vocabulary, word attack, comprehension, and study strategies.
  • Barry

    EDU 634 Remedial Reading Practicum

    Focuses on research-based remedial techniques for students who evidence reading problems.

For more information please contact:

Dr. Judy Harris-Looby
Program Director

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