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Early and Middle Childhood Education

Curriculum and Instruction (MS)

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Curriculum and Instruction (MS) Early and Middle Childhood Education Specialization

Do you have a bachelor's degree in early childhood or elementary education and are you interested in enhancing your interdisciplinary content knowledge? This specialization is designed for educators working with children in Preschool – 8th grade settings who are eager to attain a graduate degree while developing the latest knowledge in curriculum and instructional strategies.

The Early and Middle Childhood Education Specialization program is for:

  • Current educators teaching in early childhood, primary, elementary or a middle school setting who are looking for professional development to become curriculum specialists or interdisciplinary instructional leaders.
  • Individuals who already hold a bachelor's degree (in early childhood or elementary education) who want to become teacher leaders in their educational communities.
  • Substitute teachers, career changers, retired military personnel, school paraprofessionals, and others with bachelor's degrees in content areas or related fields who want to teach and need to develop their expertise in the area of curriculum design, development and pedagogy.
  • Those interested in teaching at the college level.

Curriculum Course Descriptions

Core Courses

Early and Middle Childhood Courses

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