Montessori Early Childhood Education Specialization

Curriculum and Instruction (MS)

Curriculum and Instruction (MS) Montessori Early Childhood Education Specialization

Barry University is the only university in the state of Florida offering a graduate degree with a specialization in Montessori education. Our program is accredited by MACTE and affiliated with the American Montessori Society (AMS). This program is specific to developing Montessorian educators who will work with young students between the ages of 2.5 to 6 years old.

Classes are structured with a blend of required face-to-face and online/synchronous credit hours and most are based in our very own Montessori lab for a unique learning experience. Our degree equips students who are looking to provide instructional leadership to the Montessori and educational communities while also satisfying the requirements to receive the coveted credential from AMS.

We also offer the Montessori Early Childhood Certificate to students who are not pursuing a graduate degree.

The Montessori Early Childhood specialization is perfect for

  • Current educators teaching in early childhood who are looking for professional development to become curriculum specialists or interdisciplinary instructional leaders
  • Individuals who already hold a bachelor's degree who want to become teacher leaders in their educational communities
  • Substitute teachers, career changers, retired military personnel, school paraprofessionals, and others who want to teach and need to develop their expertise in the area of curriculum design, development, and pedagogy
  • Those interested in teaching at the college level

Required Core Courses (18 credits)

  • EDR 601 Methodology of Research - 3 credits
  • EDU 513 Curriculum Development and Renewal - 3 credits
  • EDU 628 Historical and Contemporary Issues in Curriculum and Instruction - 3 credits
  • EDU 633 Pedagogical Principles and Practices - 3 credits
  • EDU 640 Mentoring and Collegial Coaching - 3 credits
  • EDU 651 Instructional Assessment and Decision Making - 3 credits

Required Montessori Early Childhood Specialization Courses (17-20 credits)

  • EDM 600 Intro to Montessori Education - 3 credits
    (EDM 600 is waived for students with previous Montessori certified training)
  • EDM 601 Montessori Methods and Materials I: Practical Life and Sensorial - 3 credits
  • EDM 602 Montessori Methods and Materials II: Language & Mathematics - 3 credits
  • EDM 607 Humanities and Sciences in the Early Childhood Classroom - 3 credits
  • EDM 649 Classroom Leadership and Parent Involvement for Montessori Early Childhood Teachers - 3 credits
  • EDM 603 Child Development - 3 credits
  • EDM 656 Practicum I – EC - 1 credit
  • EDM 657 Practicum II – EC - 1 credit


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