Specialist Degree

Educational Leadership, EdS

Educational Leadership, EdS Specialist Degree The specialist (EdS) degree program in Educational Leadership is a 36 credit-hour program designed for individuals who already possess a master’s degree. You can choose from 2 degree options:

EdS with Florida Certification

Florida certified teachers who already hold a master's degree in any area and wish to obtain an Educational Leadership degree Level I Florida state certification in Educational Leadership.


36 credit hours, including an internship completed within your school.

EdS without Florida Certification

Current non-certified teachers or those eligible for certification either through another state or an alternative venue looking to obtain a specialist degree.


36 credit hours, including a practicum completed within your school

The EdS in Educational Leadership incorporates the 10 Florida Principal Leadership Standards within the courses. This program allows you to complete the EdS degree with the specific qualifications to meet your individual career needs for:

  • Roles which require Florida State Certification in Educational Leadership
  • Teacher leadership positions within public and non-public schools
  • Leadership roles in general education settings

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