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Montessori Secondary I-II

Certificate Program

Certificate Program Montessori Secondary I-II To meet the requirements of Middle and High School Montessori educators, the 17-credit Montessori Secondary I & II Certificate program was designed to address the educational and social emotional needs of 12 to 17 year-old adolescents.

As stipulated by the American Montessori Society (AMS) the preparation of Montessori Secondary teachers does not involve the mastery of an established body of curriculum, but rather a thorough preparation in philosophy, program design, and specialized teaching methods that will enable the teacher to participate in the development of Montessori Secondary programs.

The Programmatic Outcomes for the Montessori Secondary I & II Certificate Program are:

  1. Identify the learning needs of middle or high school students.
  2. Integrate the multidisciplinary knowledge, understanding, skills and values necessary to meet individual and group developmental needs.
  3. Formulate, organize, implement and evaluate a developmentally appropriate program for the secondary age group in accordance with the multidisciplinary Montessori philosophy.
  4. Design, develop, implement and evaluate effective, collaborative, and innovative learning contexts through an engaging Montessori curriculum that incorporates evidence-based practice, appropriate materials, resources and technologies.
  5. Interpret and communicate student and classroom data to administrators, parents and the community.
  6. Analyze and evaluate data from classroom observation to improve effectiveness of instruction.
  7. Continuously evaluate curricular, instructional, and assessment decisions as they impact the intellectual, social, emotional, psychological, and personal development of diverse learners.
  8. Engage in on-going professional development for oneself and provide personal development opportunities for peers to ensure continuous improvement in their discipline and pedagogical practice.

Montessori Secondary I-II Certificate Courses

*NOTE: The Montessori Secondary I-II Certificate program is an applicant pending accreditation with MACTE and affiliation with AMS.

Per MACTE Guidelines during application/self-study phase, please note:
Barry University Montessori Teacher Education Program (TEP) is in ‘Good Standing’ with the Montessori Accreditation Council, which in no way determines the outcome of the accreditation decisions by MACTE or affiliation with AMS at this time.

NOTE: Students earning a Montessori Secondary I-II Certificate can apply those credits towards a Master of Science in Curriculum and Instruction with a Specialization in Montessori Secondary degree program.


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