Welcome Message from the Program Director

Biomedical Sciences, MS

Message from Brenda Schoffstall

Thank you for your interest in Barry University’s Graduate Biomedical Sciences (BMS) program. Our faculty and staff are focused on our goal to prepare students to successfully advance as health care professionals or biomedical scientists. From your initial contact with the program through to graduation, you will find that we support and encourage motivated students with an intensive and unique learning experience. We offer a rich and diverse environment of inclusion within our student population and amongst our highly qualified and committed faculty.

Barry University’s BMS curriculum is offered in the HyFlex modality—students may choose to come in person to attend classes at our Hollywood, FL campus location, or may choose to complete the entire program fully online. The program includes core coursework in Biochemistry, Histology, Gross Anatomy, Human Physiology and Neurosciences or Oral Pathology. Students may choose an array of electives including, but not limited to, Genetics, Immunology, Nutrition, and Medical Microbiology that will prepare them to excel in medical or dental programs.

This program is selective and demanding, but is specifically targeted for those students who are committed to excellence and willing to work together with the supportive faculty towards attaining their goals. With our challenging curriculum, highly supportive staff, and highly trained faculty, Barry University's Graduate Biomedical Sciences program has a 33-year record of success in preparing students for acceptance into medical and dental schools. The Barry BMS program has earned an outstanding reputation for developing very well-prepared applicants who are highly successful in advancing directly to medical or dental school upon completion of the program.

We eagerly look forward to helping you achieve your goals!

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