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Masters In Biomedical Sciences Program

Biomedical Sciences, MS Apply Online

You can apply using our Online Application Form. If you are using the online application you will pay a fee of $30.00. This fee must be transmitted with your application by Visa, MasterCard, or American Express, or you can mail a check to the Office of Admissions (full instructions will be given upon submission of the application).

Create An Account

You will need to create a Barry user name (email address) and password to submit your application. This will enable you to quickly access your application account from the Barry University site in the future, eliminating the need to submit the same information multiple times.

Mail In Your Application 

If you would prefer to complete a paper application, you can obtain an application from Barry's Office of Health Sciences Admissions by filling out an information request form online, emailing or calling 305-899-3379 or 1-800-756-6000, extension 3379.

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