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Program Length Options

Biomedical Sciences, MS

Biomedical Sciences, MS Program Length Options

The Biomedical Sciences program has been providing exceptional graduate academic enhancement opportunities for over thirty years. We are continuously assisting students directed by their undergraduate advisors to pursue additional science coursework prior to professional school (DO/MD, DDS/DMD, DPM, OD, PA, and PharmD) as well as those students disheartened by not gaining acceptance into professional school. Thriving in our master's program is a remarkable way to prove that you are more than your undergraduate performance may indicate. Given the staggering importance your success in our program can have on your future, we take great care and intention with our admission process and decisions.

Each completed application is reviewed by our faculty admissions committee. The committee's goal is to admit students who will aptly manage our rigorous curriculum, commit to scientific learning and demonstrate sound professional capacity. While the review process considers each element of an application, we place a strong focus on overall academic performance, specific science pre-requisites, upper level science coursework, academic performance trend, and analysis of any patterns of withdrawals or repeated courses.

Our faculty admissions committee determines if an accepted dental or medical student completes the program in three consecutive semesters (1-year), three non-consecutive semesters (18 months) or 4 non-consecutive semesters (2 years). All students who pursue a research curriculum are placed on the 2-year track.

Track options:

Both 18-month and 2-year track students are discouraged from applying for professional school at the same time they are starting the BMS program. A strategic approach to focus on academics and apply after one year of full-time graduate coursework will allow professional schools new information to factor into their decision processes. While waiting a cycle takes time, it often saves a great deal of application effort and preserves financial resources.

Regardless of time track, all dental and medical students complete 34 credits and must pass the comprehensive exam to earn the MS degree.

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