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About the Program Health Services Administration Graduate Certificates

The evening and Saturday graduate certificate programs in Health Services Administration provide you with a number of options and alternatives and serve a variety of needs. Graduate Certificates of Achievement may serve as shorter, more focused alternatives to graduate degrees, new skills, or updates of specialization for those with advanced degrees. 

They may also meet short-term goals of those working professionals who will later seek a master's degree. The credits completed in fulfillment of the requirements for HSA Certificates will be applicable towards the MSHSA Degree at Barry University.

Each of the Health Services Administration Certificate Programs consists of four or more separate courses. 

Course Descriptions


  • Health Care Leadership Graduate Certificate

    Designed for current or aspiring health care managers who desire to increase or advance their career mobility.

  • Medical Group Practice Management Graduate Certificate

    Designed for managers who run or seek to run group medical management practices in private practice settings, in medical centers, or in the public sector.

  • Health Care Planning and Informatics Graduate Certificate

    Designed for those health care managers seeking skills in organizational assessment, reengineering and strategic planning in the health care setting.

  • Quality Improvement and Outcomes Management Graduate Certificate

    Designed for managers and functional specialists charged with work and/or process improvement and outcomes management in the clinical and business environment.

  • Clinical & Epidemiological Research Methods Graduate Certificate

    Designed for current or aspiring health care managers seeking to develop competencies in the business and scientific research environment. Protocol development and hypothesis testing are important components of the curriculum.


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    Now a project manager with Baptist Health South Florida, the 2022 Health Services Administration graduate discusses the benefits of her Barry degree and how she managed full time work, a growing family and Covid19 patients - all at the same time.

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Admissions Overview Getting Started

Congratulations on taking the first step to pursue your passion, advance your career, and make a difference in your community. We are committed to assist each student through the admission process.

Whether you transition straight from undergraduate studies to a graduate program or have been out of school for some time, we offer a welcoming and professional environment for graduate study.

With small class sizes, there is a considerable amount of personalized attention from your faculty and opportunities to build strong relationships with fellow classmates.

Apply Now! Admissions Requirements

There are no deadlines to apply for admission to the Health Services Administration Graduate Certificate Programs. However, you are encouraged to submit an application to the Health Sciences Admissions Office at least 30 days prior to the beginning of the anticipated start term.

Financial Aid Affordable for you.

At BarryU, our tuition is competitive, affordable and still promises all the perks of a private school education. Our cost per credit is in-line with other institutions, but we offer a mission-driven educational experience and provide our students with small class sizes, personalized attention, and academic excellence. 

Health Services Administration Certificate Programs are non-degree programs, each consisting of four or more graduate courses. Financial aid is not available with the non-degree-seeking status.

Tuition and Fees Cost of Attendance

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