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The Master of Science programs in Health Services Administration and Public Health with Epidemiology Specialization are designed to meet the societal need for professionals in the healthcare industry to serve in a variety of leadership roles for organizations that provide health services. The programs prepare students to critically evaluate and apply theory and research in all specialty areas of healthcare and administration into their professional work. Graduates are taught to become informed, responsible, and ethical leaders in the community.

As future health care administrators, graduates will be responsible for daily operations, strategic planning, decision-making, policy development, and the administrative functions of an organization. They will contribute to the success of an organization and promote positive outcomes for the communities they serve.

Continued growth is projected for the employment of health care administrators, partly because of the aging population in America and the rising demand for health services. The Affordable Care Act has changed the health care marketplace as well, creating greater demand for health care professionals. Finally, the global pandemic has changed the direction and focus regarding the importance of leadership in healthcare institutions regarding this major crisis.

Health Services Administration programs support the need for transformational leaders in acute care settings, long-term care practices, home health care, managed care organizations, and health care practitioner group practices. Students are encouraged to explore the complex issues surrounding healthcare in a pluralistic society, applied ethics, and multicultural health. Additionally, they are provided with many opportunities to develop analytical and organizational skills and apply those skills through course assignments and internships. Specific areas of study include management, marketing, epidemiology, strategic planning, finance, and continuous quality improvement.

Graduates are taught to become informed, responsible, and ethical health care leaders for serving both the health care industry and the communities they serve.

Health Services Administration Program Options

  • Health Services Administration, MS

    Health care executives are the health professionals who most directly impact health care delivery and are responsible for ensuring patient access to treatment, promoting quality, and increasing staff morale on a day-to-day basis.

  • Health Services Administration, MS and Public Health, MPH Dual Degree

    This dual-degree program is structured to include coursework in a number of health disciplines so students can have numerous opportunities in a variety of managerial and administrative positions within health administration and public health.

  • Public Health, MPH with specialization in Epidemiology

    The Epidemiology-focused courses will prepare students to confront the nation’s and the world’s most pressing urban health, global health, and public health issues by combining biostatistics, and a public health foundation, with practical experience to help graduates make a difference in communities locally and globally. Prepares graduate students to assume the roles of public health official, healthcare manager, epidemiologist and researcher in the area of public health and healthcare.

  • Health Services Administration Certificates

    The evening and Saturday graduate certificate programs in Health Services Administration provide you with a number of options and alternatives and serve a variety of needs.


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