What You Can Do With This Degree?

Health Services Administration, MS

Health Services Administration (MS) What You Can Do With This Degree?

Barry's Graduate Program really makes a difference.

A recent independent study of Barry's student-friendly program gave it very high marks. Graduates rate the program as "overwhelmingly positive" and reported significant salary increases and promotions following graduation.

Modern Healthcare Magazine (Weekly Trade Journal) annually ranks the 25 largest Master's programs in health administration.

  • 2019: Barry University's BSHSA program was ranked number 12 in the Southeast Region by¬†Healthcaredegreesearch.com
  • 2007: Barry University's MSHSA program was ranked number 16 out of the 25 largest MS/HSA programs in the United States based on enro llment.
  • 2006: Barry University's MSHSA program was ranked number 21 out of 25 of the largest MS/HSA programs in the United States based on enrollment.
  • 2005: Barry University's MSHSA program was ranked number 12 out of the 25 largest MS/HSA programs in the United States based on enrollment.

Career Paths in Health Services Administration

The healthcare industry is in a constant state of flux. As an industry, it is bombarded by continuous regulatory changes, new technology, personnel shortages, and constant ongoing financial challenges. The delivery site of health services has shifted at an accelerated pace from the inpatient hospital to outpatient arena. These tumultuous changes may sound dire, but in reality they have created significant opportunities for professionally trained healthcare managers.

These opportunities cover a diverse number of settings and present exciting career challenges for managers in this industry. The following is a very limited list of potential career opportunities for managers with the appropriate professional education, skills and the desire to succeed, and contribute to the healthcare industry:

  • Health Care Systems
  • Hospitals
  • Public Health Organizations
  • State Health Agencies
  • Nursing Home
  • Home Health Care Agencies
  • Insurance and Managed Care Industry
  • Government Health Care Positions
  • Health Care Consulting Firms
  • Many other opportunities
  • Ambulatory care center

    • Outpatient surgery center
    • Diagnostic imaging and other centers
    • Medical group practices
  • Long-term care (requires appropriate licensure)

    • Nursing homes
    • Adult living facilities
    • Skilled nursing centers
  • Hospitals

    • Senior management
    • Middle management
  • Managed care organizations
  • Public and government agencies
  • Military

The opportunities are endless. All it takes is the personal desire to pursue an exciting career by starting with the right professional education. Barry is the place to accomplish this first step.

International Students

International students considering the Master of Science in Health Services Administration will find the concepts, theories, and practical applications taught in the academic courses and internships can be applied within health care systems throughout the world. Students planning to return to their home countries will be prepared to enter into careers that will aid in improving the delivery of health care in their countries and students planning to relocate to the United States will find themselves prepared to enter into various positions within the U.S. health care system.

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