Background Check and Drug Screening

Nursing (BSN)

Nursing (BSN) Background Check and Drug Screening

Participation in clinical experiences, rotations or fieldwork is a required part of the curriculum and a requirement for graduation. Clinical rotation and fieldwork sites require drug, criminal, and/or child abuse background checks, and clearance through the HHS/OIG list of excluded individuals and the GSA list of parties excluded from federal programs in order to permit participation in the program’s clinical experiences, rotations and/or fieldwork experiences. Clinical and fieldwork sites may deny a student’s participation in the clinical experience, rotation or fieldwork experience because of a felony or misdemeanor conviction, failure of a required drug test, or inability to produce an appropriate health clearance, which would result in delayed graduation or in the inability to graduate from the program. Individuals who have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor may be denied certification or licensure as a health professional. Information regarding individual eligibility may be obtained from the appropriate credentialing bodies. Drug and background checks will be conducted at the student’s expense.

All applicants must affirm and attest to sound physical health, emotional stability, and personal integrity that will enable them to successfully complete the educational program, comply with criteria for nursing licensure, and adhere to American Nurses Association professional codes of conduct and practice. Applicants must affirm and attest that they are free of addiction to substances of abuse, are not restricted in their practice of nursing or under investigation by any Board of Nursing, and are willing to adhere to Drug Free Workplace policies and procedures of affiliate clinical training sites, to include submission to randomized drug testing and/or testing for cause and upon Program demand.

Once you are accepted into the BSN program and receive the acceptance letter, you can begin the background check and drug screening application process online. This website will allow you to begin the application process and set up a method of payment to American Databank, the sole company handling the College of Nursing and Health Sciences screenings. A two year Tracking System is also required when placing the order with American Databank in order to track all compliance documents for the duration of the program. Please note there will be a fee for the background check, fingerprinting, drug screening and the two year Tracking System.

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