Student Responsibilities

Occupational Therapy, MS

Occupational Therapy, MS Responsibilities of students preparing for careers as Occupational Therapists

Readiness for Learning

All prospective and current students in the occupational therapy program must possess the intellectual, physical, and emotional capabilities necessary to undertake the full curriculum and to achieve the levels of competence required by the faculty and the occupational therapy profession. Students with documented special learning needs must contact the Barry University Office of Services for Students with Disabilities to request accommodations.

Attendance and Participation

Occupational therapists believe that people learn best by doing. Occupational therapy faculty and students are members of a teaching/learning team, and all teammembers must be present and actively involved, in order to make the process of education work. Communication among teachers and students is encouraged, because interaction in class builds skills that will be necessary in the future for relating to clients and families, collaborating with other professionals, and articulating the purpose and goals of occupational therapy. Because of this educational philosophy, and because each oncampus weekend is very intensive, occupational therapy students are expected to be prepared for each weekend, participate actively in class and field experiences, avoid missing class time, and manage absences in a professional manner. Make-up assignments are required for all time missed. If a student misses more than two days of class (equivalent to two weeks in a traditional program), he or she must meet with the Program Director, and the student may be required to withdraw from the program.

Professional Behavior

All aspects of Barry University 's Policy on Dishonesty as described in the Student Handbook apply to students in the Occupational Therapy Program. Students aspiring to become occupational therapists must also conduct themselves in accordance with the principles of the Occupational Therapy Code of Ethics.

Students completing assignments in health-care facilities are required to comply with the facility's policies regarding privacy/confidentiality of patient information.

Computer Access

Access to and ongoing use of a computer is required for all students to complete the Occupational Therapy Program successfully. Competency in the basic use of a computer is a requirement of graduation. Class assignments may require the use of a computer, and official program correspondence is often sent between weekend sessions via e-mail and webcam.

Students may use computers while on campus in the computer lab and library, but they are also expected to have a computer with current Microsoft Office software and an Internet connection at home.

Health and Liability Insurance

Health insurance coverage is required for all students enrolled in Level I and II Fieldwork. Students may enroll in the insurance policy offered through Barry University.

Students must purchase liability insurance each year through Barry University , in order to participate in fieldwork experiences. Some sites require liability insurance coverage in addition to the general policy purchased through Barry University.

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