Tuition and Fees

Entry Level Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) with Specialization in Anesthesiology

Nursing Practice (DNP) - Post Baccalaureate DNP, specialization in Anesthesiology Tuition and Fees Arrangements for payment of all tuition and fees and all associated expenses must be made prior to completion of registration.

An important part of choosing a program is assessing the costs involved. The cost of graduate education varies widely throughout the country. Fortunately, the "return on investment" for graduate nurse anesthesia education is excellent! As you make comparisons, you will need to consider not only the cost per credit, but the total number of credits, residency or clinical site fees, technology fees, required fees for membership and meeting attendance, special fees for equipment, and the cost of books.

Considering all factors, your Barry education can be quite affordable. The staff in Barry's Office of Financial Aid and in the Cashier/Business Office are here to help you and your family by providing guidance in financial planning and financial assistance.

We have listed student costs per semester below, unless otherwise stated. All students are assessed tuition and fees on a semester basis. Please be aware that all rates given are subject to change.

  • Application fee: Please visit NursingCAS website for application fees.
  • Books: Variable
  • Clinical / lab fees: $3,500 for entire program
    ($500 per semester for Semesters 3-9)
  • Program Fee: $4,000 for entire program
    (due before program start, installments available)
  • Tuition: $10,850 per semester
  • Student Services Fele(Mandatory Per Semester): Summer Terms $100.00
    Fall & Spring Terms 3 Credits or less $125.00
    4 Credits or more $250.00
  • Primary Student Health Insurance**: **Variable
  • Accident/Occupational Hazard Insurance: $154 for entire program
    ($22 per semester, required for Semesters 3-9)
  • Graduation Fee $250 due before Graduation


Rates do not include estimates for books and supplies, transportation, primary health insurance or living expenses.

**Students are required to maintain a specified level of health insurance during enrollment. A University health insurance plan is available for purchase by full-time students on a semester or yearly basis. A student may choose to pay the insurance company directly or have it charged to their student account.

Student Services Fee Student Services Fee (Mandatory Per Semester)

Summer Terms
Fall & Spring Terms
3 Credits or Lsss $125.00
4 Credits or More $250.00
Summer Terms Fall & Spring Terms $100.00
Summer Terms 3 Credits or Lsss $100.00 $125.00
Summer Terms 4 Credits or More $100.00 $250.00

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