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Course Curriculum

Post Master’s DNP with Specialization in Anesthesiology

Post Master’s DNP with Specialization in Anesthesiology Degree Plan/Curriculum

The DNP with a specialization in Anesthesiology Program is a sequential locked-step curriculum beginning in the fall semester of each year. The program consists of 37 credit-hours delivered over a two year, part-time course of study. Coursework is completed via a hybrid platform of on-campus and off-campus sessions. On-campus sessions will be conducted three days each year during the fall semester at the Hollywood, Florida site, located at 421 N. 21st Avenue, Hollywood, FL 33020. Off-campus sessions will be conducted via on-line classes using distance learning technology as well as synchronous web-conferences.

In addition, completion of individually-designed clinical practicum is required, which can be completed in the state in which the student resides or is employed. During the last semester the student must also successfully complete and present a Capstone Project which demonstrates the synthesis of concepts and skills learned while enrolled in the program.

Semester I (Fall)

  • NUR 711 Role of the DNP (2 credits)
  • NUR 727 Healthcare Informatics for DNP (3 credits)
  • NUR 721 Scientific Foundations of DNP (3 credits)

Semester II (Spring)

  • ANE 706 Leadership, Policy & Interdisciplinary Collaboration (3 credits)
  • NURA 746 Biostatistics (3 credits)

Semester III (Summer)

  • NUR 733 Translational Research for DNP (4 credits)
  • NUR 734 Legal and Ethical Issues for Advanced Practice Nursing (3 credits)

Semester IV (Fall)

  • ANE 712 Finance and Business Management in Anesthesia Practice (3 credits)
  • ANE 716 Advances in Anesthesia Practice (2 credits)
  • NUR 737 DNP Scholarly Project I (2 credits)

Semester V (Spring)

  • NURA 642 Technology for Teaching and Learning (Elective) (3 credits)
  • NURA 678 Advanced Health Assessment and Differential Diagnosis (3 credits)
  • ANE 724 Perioperative Safety, Risk Reduction, & Outcomes Assessment (3 credits)
  • NUR 753 DNP Scholarly Project II (2 credits)

Semester VI (Summer)

  • ANE 750 Anesthesiology Scholarly Project (1-2 credits)

Total Semester Hours: 37

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