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Dean & Professor  Tony Umadhay, PhD, CRNA, FAANA  A Trailblazing Filipino Nurse and Academic Leader Tony Umadhay Elevates Nursing Education in the US 

Tony Umadhay is a distinguished Filipino nurse and academic leader, renowned for his contributions to nursing education and health care. A proud BSN alumnus of the University of Santo Tomas College of Nursing in Manila, Philippines, Umadhay has made significant advances in his career since migrating to the United States during the workforce shortage in the 1990s. He holds a master's degree in nurse anesthesiology from Florida International University and a Ph.D. in Nursing from Barry University. His academic and professional journey is marked by numerous accolades, including the New York Life Doctoral Fellowship Award from the American Association of Nurse Anesthesiology Foundation, the Excellence in Nursing Education Award from the University of Santo Tomas Nursing Association International, and recognition as distinguished alumni from Florida International University and Barry University. Umadhay is a fellow of the American Association of Anesthesiology. 

Meet Dr. Tony Umadhay

In his esteemed role as the dean of the relaunched School of Nursing at Barry University, a private Catholic university in Miami, Florida, Umadhay aims to foster the development of competent and socially responsible nurses. He emphasizes the importance of a curriculum that not only equips nurses with clinical competencies but also prepares them to advance health equity, address social determinants of health, and meet the social needs of individuals and families. His leadership vision extends to encouraging other disciplines to expand educational experiences for students, enabling them to engage effectively within their communities and work with diverse populations. 

Umadhay's professional background also includes serving as the associate dean for academic affairs of Barry University’s College of Nursing and Health Sciences and as the director of the anesthesiology program at the same university. His affiliation as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist in various healthcare facilities further highlights his commitment to clinical excellence and patient safety. 

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