Bahamas Medical Mission

School of Podiatry

Bahamas Medical Mission Provides Lifesaving Podiatric Care

The mission of the Barry University Bahamas Medical Mission Trip (BMT) is to provide podiatric medical and diabetic foot and wound care to the people of the Bahamas. This medical mission started as a humanitarian effort in 2019 after the tragedy of Hurricane Dorian where we encountered countless numbers of persons with undiagnosed and untreated lower extremities as well as underserved diabetic patients whose only recourse for severe diabetic wounds was amputation.  

The Barry University School of Podiatric Medicine (BUSPM) sought first to be of service to the people of the Bahamas during aftermath of this tragic event. While caring for people in the Bahamas, we discovered that there were many untreated and underserved diabetic patients whose only remedy for severe diabetic wounds is lower extremity amputation. These amputations can lead to further limb loss and are associated with significantly reduced quality of care and high rates of mortality.  

Because of this, we came first to help, now we come to serve and to fill the gap of needed podiatric medical by providing regular visits to the islands with trained medical students and faculty doctors.

We have partnered with the Bahamas Ministry of Health and Wellness, and it is our sincerest hope that we are able to continue these humanitarian efforts for years to come. Participants include Barry University podiatric medical students, faculty podiatric medical doctors and surgeons, nursing, and physician assistant students. BMT also invites podiatric medical doctors and surgeons from across the country to participate. 

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