Fellowship Program in Podiatric Sports Medicine

School of Podiatric Medicine

School of Podiatric Medicine Fellowship Program in Podiatric Sports Medicine

The one-year podiatric sports medicine fellowship at Barry University offers the fellow in depth exposure and experience in Podiatric Sports Medicine, with a secondary emphasis on podopediatrics, biomechanics, and teaching. The exposure afforded the fellow in sports medicine is thorough and takes place in the clinic, athletic training room and on the field or court. Barry University Foot and Ankle Institute is the primary site for clinical training. In addition, the fellow works closely with podiatric and orthopedic surgeons, athletic trainers, physical therapists and researchers. The fellow will produce a publishable manuscript during the year.

Sports Medicine

The fellow participates in the many facets of podiatric sports medicine at the high school, collegiate and professional levels. The fellow receives the training required to be a team podiatric physician. Emphasis is placed on the multidisciplinary and multifaceted nature of sports medicine. The fellow attends to athletes from Barry University, the University of Miami, the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association, Inter Miami CF of Major League Soccer as well as local amateur athletes. The fellow receives extensive exposure to physical therapy modalities and rehabilitation techniques from staff certified athletic trainers. Staff podiatric and orthopedic physicians provide the fellow with hands-on training, including both conservative and surgical management of athletic injuries. The fellow is on-call during athletic events and functions as part of the sports medicine team.


The fellow receives didactic and hands-on experiences from the podopediatric and pediatric-orthopedic patient groups. Faculty includes podiatrists, pediatricians, and pediatric orthopedists. The fellow may participate in the Yucatan Crippled Childrens’ Project, which affords exposure to a variety of maladies, orthopedic bracing and reconstructive surgical cases.


The biomechanical principles influencing sports injuries and pediatric deformities are emphasized during this program. Orthotic management of sports-related and pediatric abnormalities, including didactic theory and actual orthotic fabrication is taught. The fellow shall have the opportunity to work with different materials, different fabrication techniques and to fabricate both functional and accommodative orthoses. The orthosis laboratory at Barry University will serve as the venue for orthotic fabrication and teaching.

Educational Responsibilities

The fellow will assist in the education of podiatric medical students and residents in the clinic and operating room. This provides the fellow the opportunity to develop and enhance his/her communication skills, develop lectures, utilize audiovisual aids and produce printed instructional material.


The human performance laboratory at Barry University allows for kinematic motion analysis, force plate and pressure determination. Athletes are tested for identification of lower extremity pathomechanics, injury determination and prevention. The fellow is required to a produce a publishable manuscript prior to graduation from the program.


The program begins on July 1 and concludes June 30 of the following year. The fellow is required to be licensed in the state of Florida and become credentialed at Mercy Hospital in Miami, FL. Candidates should send a letter of intent and CV to Jlosito@barry.edu by January 1st.

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