Yucatan Project Seeks Funding Support

The Yucatan Crippled Children's Project Yucatan Project Seeks Funding Support

Yucatan Project Seeks Funding SupportSince July 4, 1996, Dr. Charles Southerland has led a team of physicians on a mercy mission to the Yucatan, Mexico to provide surgery for crippled indigent children. Now, Dr. Southerland needs your support.

More than 3,500 crippled children have received treatment and care from the flying doctors. The Project is in need of financial assistance to purchase vital medical equipment, medicine, other medical supplies, and travel. Without assistance the Project is in danger of postponing these life altering mercy flights.

Every other month two attending physicians and two residents volunteer their own time to conduct this humanitarian endeavor. With each trip the lines get longer and longer to see the doctors. The physicians spend 12 to 15 hours in surgery under grueling circumstances including lack of air conditioning, limited equipment, and other problems and issues.

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