Director's Welcome

Master of Social Work (MSW)

Director's Welcome

Welcome to Barry University School of Social Work where students gain the requisite clinical practice knowledge, hands-on clinical practice experience, and leadership skills to prepare them for independent, ethical, and competent social work practice. Our cutting-edge, trauma-informed, resilience-focused curriculum provides students with the breadth and depth of theoretical and conceptual knowledge needed to implement evidence-based clinical practice interventions.

In addition to the classroom experience, at BUSSW learning opportunities are available to students through Social Work Student Services and our Center for Human Rights and Social Justice (CHRSJ). Students participate in professional development workshops, outreach, advocacy, and social justice-focused events to deepen the overall learning experience. Simultaneously, students cultivate a commitment to lifelong learning.

Barry University School of Social Work is proud to boast a cadre of highly knowledgeable, skilled, nationally, and internationally recognized and respected faculty members. Faculty members engage with students in mentoring and advising sessions that create opportunities for collaboration in research projects, publications, and professional presentations.  

We are confident that with the diversity of our student body and the varied interests and expertise of our faculty, your academic journey will be transformative.

Again, we welcome you to Barry University School of Social Work and hope that you will join us in being a voice for change.


Sarah Ingram -Herring, Ph.D., LCSW

Director, MSW Program

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