Admission Criteria

PhD in Social Work

Phd in Social Work Admission Criteria As of Spring 2024 The PhD in Social Work program will no longer be accepting applications. Please see the Doctor of Social Work Program (DSW) for information on the Doctoral degree (DSW).

The Doctoral Committee is comprised of the PhD Program Director and doctoral faculty. Criteria employed in determining admission include evidence of achievement in previous academic programs, increased competency in professional performance, knowledge of critical issues associated with the applicant’s area of professional interest, and the potential for contributions to the knowledge of the profession through research, leadership, scholarly writing, and professional education.


Accredited master’s degree in social work or allied discipline

Experience - Preference is given to candidates with a minimum of two years post masters’ work experience

Grade Point Average - 3.5

Note: Applicants with a grade point average below 3.5 may be considered on an individual basis.


One academic transcript is required from each college/university you have attended. Scanned student copies or unofficial transcripts are NOT accepted. If you previously attended Barry University then you do NOT need to submit your Barry transcript; however, any and all other transcripts must be submitted. All official transcripts should be mailed to:

Barry University
School of Social Work
Office of Admissions, Enrollment, and Student Services
11300 NE Second Avenue
Miami, FL 33161-6695


'Three letters of reference are required. It is strongly suggested that you submit recommendations from colleagues and/or supervisors who know your work and professional performance. Recommenders should comment on the following skills sets: intellectual capacity to engage in scholarly activities, skill in written communication, skill in verbal communication, achievement in previous academic programs, awareness of critical professional issues, potential for contributing to the profession, potential for providing leadership in his/her chosen field.

Official Letters of Reference must be submitted on organizational letter head and mailed directly to the School of Social Work Office of Admissions.

Personal Narrative

Applicants should prepare a four (4) page written response/discussion to the following questions: 1) What is your motivation for applying for doctoral study at this time?, 2) How does your professional experience inform your research interest?, and 3) What are the ways in which, you imagine, this program might advance your career?

Writing Sample

A sample of your written, scholarly work is a required admission component. This requirement may be satisfied by one of the following:

  1. Submit a copy of a grant or program proposal authored by you that included a literature review.
  2. Submit a scholarly newsletter where you are noted as the author.
  3. Submit a published article with you as the primary or secondary author.
  4. Submit a refereed (peer-reviewed) conference paper authored or co-authored by you.
  5. Prepare a narrative, not to exceed 15 double-spaced pages, linking your current practice/research interests to social justice issues using applicable literature.


Please submit your most recent resume Include all post-secondary schools attended and your Grade Point Average (GPA) for each institution, employment history, publications, conference presentations, awards/ grants received, professional licenses, and membership in professional organizations.

All materials must be submitted in English, and any foreign documents must be accompanied by official English translations.

GRE scores are not required.

Application Form

You must complete the application online.

Application Fee

A $60.00 non-refundable fee must be paid at the time of application.

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