Transfer Credits

Master of Social Work (MSW)

Master of Social Work (MSW) Transfer Credits

Transfer from an Accredited Graduate School of Social Work

If you have started a Social Work program in another University that is accredited by the Council on Social Work Education, you may be able to transfer up to 28 credit hours. In order to transfer these credits, you must have taken the course within the past five years and earned a grade of “B” or better. You must submit an application for transfer credit form along with a syllabus and bibliography for each course that you are requesting transfer credit. The transfer credit form must be submitted at the same time that you apply to the MSW program. If admitted to the MSW Program, all requests for transfer credit will be forwarded to the MSW Program Director for review. If admitted to the MSW Program, you will receive a comprehensive credit evaluation along with your enrollment packet and anticipated curriculum course plan. You must submit the application for transfer credits prior to beginning your course work within the School of Social Work. You will not be allowed to transfer credits after beginning your classes at the School of Social Work.

Students currently or previously enrolled in another accredited masters level social work program who are seeking admission as a transfer student are required to submit additional materials.

  1. A brief written statement describing the reasons why they are requesting a transfer.
  2. A copy of their field education evaluation(s), if applicable.
  3. A recommendation from the applicant’s current/former MSW program faculty advisor addressing their academic standing.
  4. Complete an application for transfer credit form and attach all relevant social work syllabi for equivalency review.
  5. Submit all documents to

Transfer from a Regionally Accredited College or University

If you have previously attended a regionally accredited college or university, you may transfer a maximum of three master's-level credits, not taken in the field of social work. You must have earned at least a “B” in the classes that are being requested for transfer and have taken the course within the past five years. These credits will be considered for credit, but cannot be guaranteed. In order for transfer credits to be considered, you must fill out application for transfer credit form prior to beginning your program at Barry and submit a syllabus and bibliography for the course that you are requesting transfer credit at the time that you apply to the MSW program.

Credit for Life Experience

In keeping with CSWE standards, the School of Social Work cannot grant academic credit for life experience or previous work experience, in whole or in part, in lieu of the field internship or any courses in the curriculum.

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