Translating Trauma-Informed Care Into Practice

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Translating Trauma-Informed Care Into Practice Online Certificate Program

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What Your Colleagues Are Saying

“The training was thorough, very well organized, teaching material was clear & engaging - I loved the use of media/videos as teaching examples. Dr. Levenson is a gifted teacher & communicator.”

“Learning the basics of TIC, different trauma interventions, and conversations with each other were so helpful… Videos, discussion, case conceptualization – all helped to apply TIC concepts into real life experiences.”

"This training was exactly what I was looking for any more! I now have the confidence and skills I need to implement TIC into practice. Highly recommend!"

"A fantastic training for social workers at all levels of their practice."

"Translating TIC to practice" should be required for at least two people to attend from every organization!"

"This certification program was excellent. The presenter, Dr. Jill Levenson, is an expert in her field, sharing a wealth of knowledge on trauma, applying trauma-informed care into individual and agency practices, discussions on useful therapeutic interventions, assessment tools, and other resources. The collegial environment was helpful in building competency as we learned."

"The most informative and productive training / certification I have attended in over 10 yrs. Excellent information that includes practical application tools."

"The Barry University, Translating TIC to Practice Certification, is an in-depth comprehensive program! Through thought provoking topics and collaborative dialogues, the presenter of this certification is well informed, comforting, and reassuring. The amount of information and resources provided during this certification is definitely worth the price!"

"Hands-on training delivered with care in a safe learning environment! Very helpful translation of TIC into clinical and organizational practices."

"The Trauma Informed Care training provided key concepts, knowledge about understanding trauma and its impact throughout the lifespan, and providing treatment in a safe environment to reduce re- traumatization and being able to understand what happened to clients."

"This was an awesome training that allowed me to think outside the box and challenge my thinking while gathering materials to apply to my private practice. The materials offered were a tremendous help, as were the conversation among peers. I strongly recommend it to clinicians."

"This 4-day training was extremely eye-opening and allowed for much-needed self-reflection. Dr. Levenson is an expert on TIC, and I learned valuable information needed to improve the agency I work in and my growth as a social worker. The training was inspirational, thought-provoking, and validating. By taking this training, you start seeing life differently."

"I am a recent DSW student and found this certification program helpful. As a DSW student, my focus has been on my manuscript's subject. This program reviewed a lot of the early DSW work that I forgot about. It also provided an opportunity to connect with other social workers dedicated to implementing TIC."

Compliments from Past Participants:

“I think being able to openly discuss and participate was the most helpful part of the training. It was great to be able to hear the perspectives of other colleagues. I think the resources that were provided were also great and the information in general was very enlightening.”

“The interactive nature of the training was the most helpful because engagement in the process assists learning for me.”

“I honestly loved the lectures. They were informative and to the point. The guest speakers provided important insight to the training.”

“The most helpful part of the training was sharing the concepts learned with other practitioners which provided insight into how others are integrating TIC into their practices and institutions. I also found the education of how the brain is affected by trauma pivotal in understanding the real effects of trauma on behavior and health.”

Compliment from Health Care Center for the Homeless, Inc.

As a busy not for profit organization whose mission involves caring for some of the most disadvantaged members of our community, we are always seeking ways to empower, train and support our team, but finding the time and resources to do so is a huge challenge. The quality of instruction, guidance and resources provided by Dr. Levenson was well worth the time and financial investment.

Bakari F. Burns
President and CEO
Health Care Center for the Homeless, Inc.

Compliment from Orange Blossom Family Health

Orange Blossom Family Health had the pleasure of working with Jill Levenson, PhD, LCSW, and Barry University to train our entire staff on Trauma-Informed Care. We were looking for a program that not only trained the staff but would provide support for our management team. This training met all of the requirements that we were looking for and then some. Dr. Levenson made the process very easy and provided guidance along the way as we booked her for the training. Once the first training day arrived, we felt well-prepared. Dr. Levenson was extremely knowledgeable and well organized. This training also offered the management team a chance to gain insight on how best to work with staff that have experienced trauma. We were very impressed and would love to have Dr. Levenson return in the future to provide additional trainings!

Nyssa Tai, LCSW, MCAP
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Orange Blossom Family Health

President and CEO
Health Care Center for the Homeless, Inc.

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