Alumni of Tomorrow Scholarship

This year’s Alumni of Tomorrow Scholarship recipient is Angela Goehl. To meet Angela is to know that the future will be in good hands. Angela is a senior in Psychology; she plans to continue her education by obtaining an M.S.W. Her end goal is to become a Licensed Clinical Social worker and work with children. Preferably, through the foster care system to guide and support children to become successful.

Angela carries a full course load every semester and is very active in the university community. She is the President of the Barry University Student Alumni Association. She is a third-generation legacy student, Ms. Goehl is following in the footsteps of her grandmother, BSN (1960s) when Barry was transitioning from an all-women’s college.  Her mother obtained a M.Ed. in 2004 and her father received a B.S. in 1993.   Additionally, she has 7 aunts and uncles who have also graduated from Barry and her grandfather was a Physics professor at the university for 44 years.

Having met the application requirements by demonstrating her leadership skills, maintaining a 3.0 GPA as a full-time student, and writing an exemplary essay, Angela received a one-year, Alumni of Tomorrow Scholarship.

“When I received the scholarship, I was so relieved that my parents would not have to worry as much. I knew I could focus on my studies and be more active in the university community”, she says.   Although she still holds a part-time job working with the Alumni association. “As a student, I am grateful to the people who donate and contribute to scholarships.”

Angela Goehl

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