Ride with Pride!

Purchase a Barry University License Plate

Ride With Pride

It’s the little things that matter…

What starts off as a license plate, a simple gesture of pride, can change lives forever.

For just $25 (in addition to standard plate cost), you can support our Alumni of Tomorrow Scholarship Fund with your newly designed, Barry-branded license plate.

Proceeds from the sale of these plates help fund our academic scholarship programs, securing the foundation for future Bucs.

There’s no better celebration of pride than paying it forward. To get your new plate, stop by your local tag agency or tax collector anywhere in the state.

For more information, please email annualfund@barry.edu, or call 305.899.8022.

This year’s Alumni of Tomorrow Scholarship recipient is Angela Goehl.

To meet Angela is to know that the future will be in good hands. Angela is a senior in Psychology; she plans to continue her education by obtaining an M.S.W. Her end goal is to become a Licensed Clinical Social worker and work with children. Preferably, through the foster care system to guide and support children to become successful.

Angela carries a full course load every semester and is very active in the university community. She is the President of the Barry University Student Alumni Association. She is a third-generation legacy student, Ms. Goehl is following in the footsteps of her grandmother, BSN (1960s) when Barry was transitioning from an all-women’s college.  Her mother obtained a M.Ed. in 2004 and her father received a B.S. in 1993.   Additionally, she has 7 aunts and uncles who have also graduated from Barry and her grandfather was a Physics professor at the university for 44 years.

Having met the application requirements by demonstrating her leadership skills, maintaining a 3.0 GPA as a full-time student, and writing an exemplary essay, Angela received a one-year, Alumni of Tomorrow Scholarship.

“When I received the scholarship, I was so relieved that my parents would not have to worry as much. I knew I could focus on my studies and be more active in the university community”, she says.   Although she still holds a part-time job working with the Alumni association. “As a student, I am grateful to the people who donate and contribute to scholarships.”

Angela Goehl

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