Florida Prepaid Program

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Florida Prepaid Program

The Florida Prepaid College Plan is a program through which families prepay for their child’s education at a guaranteed fixed rate. It is guaranteed by the State of Florida. This program began in 1988 and is the largest Prepaid tuition plan in the country.


  • Students must submit a Transfer Authorization request at Florida Prepaid before benefits will be paid. Transfer Authorizations may be submitted online by the Account Owner or the Beneficiary. Please log in to your account at myfloridaprepaid.com/my-account, choose the Plan Details tab and click on See Usage.
  • It is important to note that the Transfer Form will require you to select how Florida Prepaid will make payments to Barry University, either Restricted or Unrestricted. Since private schools have different tuition rates than state public schools, Florida Prepaid can either pay the equivalent of the state public school rate for the number of credit hours enrolled or pay the actual invoiced amount, up to the entire value of the plan.
  • An Unrestricted payment option can deplete your plan at a much faster rate than a Restricted payment option, since it will be paying the actual invoiced amounts rather than number of credit hours enrolled.
  • Students wishing to use Florida Prepaid will need to fill out Barry University’s Florida Prepaid College Program Payment Authorization Form every semester/term.
  • Students do not need to bring their Florida Prepaid cards to the Cashier/Business Office to verify participation


2020-2021 Florida Prepaid Rates

  • Tuition Rate $116.67 per credit
  • Dormitory Plan $3,229.63 per semester/term
  • Local Fees Rate $92.27/$106.36


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