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“Instructional Method” is the manner in which a class component — lecture, lab, etc. — is delivered in a given semester. These methods of instructions have been determined after a thorough assessment by deans, department chairs, faculty and other university professionals. Classes were assessed to ensure a safe and healthy learning environment, quality instruction and engagement with faculty.

Coronavirus Disease

Barry University has the ability to pivot to a FlexLearning or fully remote model at any time, should the University deem necessary as outlined in the university catalogue.

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  • Lecture – In Person

    Delivery of instruction is structured completely in-person. The class meets face-to-face in a classroom on scheduled meeting times. Students are expected to attend class but maintain social distancing, health and safety protocols.

    Location Code: BU - Main Campus

    Lab – In Person

    Delivery of instruction is structured around In-Person Lab meeting times. Instruction is delivered in person and students are expected to attend lab sessions but maintain social distancing, health and safety protocols.

    Location Code: BU – Main Campus

  • Delivery of instruction with a combination of in-person and remote instruction. A certain amount of physical attendance on campus will be expected. Details for synchronous participation will be provided by instructor. Students should review the course syllabi for additional details (50% to 99% of instruction is offered by distance).

  • Delivery of instructions is 100% by distance. Delivery may be synchronous or asynchronous (Zero in person meetings).

What is the difference between online classes and remote classes?

An online course has been designed from the ground up to be delivered online. Such courses undergo an approval process to be delivered online. Classes delivered by remote instruction were originally designed and approved to be delivered in person. Their online “remote” delivery in the 2020-21 academic year is an emergency response to the COVID-19 pandemic. (*)Lecture Remote, Lab Remote, and FLEX, delivery of instruction does not pertain to fully online courses. These courses will continue with the standard online delivery.

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