Barry University COVID-19 Information

  • Barry University strongly encourages our faculty, staff, and students receive and keep up to date on their COVID-19 vaccines to maintain a healthy community. However, it is not a requirement.   You can find out more information on COVID-19 vaccines here.

  • No, however, consistent use of a face mask was associated with a reduction in the spread of COVID-19. Well-fitted masks, worn properly, can help prevent an infected individual from spreading the infection to others and help an uninfected person from acquiring a new infection.  

    Wearing a mask or protective face covering continues to be a personal choice, and is strongly encouraged during times of high case counts or high risk environments (i.e. public transportation or health care facilities).  If you are more comfortable wearing a mask in class, crowded areas, or at any time we encourage you to do so.  Barry does expect our community to follow the CDC recommendations to wear a mask 5 days after isolating with COVID-19 and if an individual has been exposed to an individual with COVID-19. Certain offices (i.e. Student Health Services), University clinics, and clinical affiliates for student rotations may require a mask upon entering.  

  • Student Health Services will provide rapid antigen testing for COVID-19 for symptomatic members of the Barry University community.  PCR testing is not available. It is strongly recommended faculty, staff and students order free COVID-19 tests from  to have tests available if you experience symptoms. 

  • Please Note: Barry University is no longer using contact tracing. 

    Employees who test positive for COVID-19 must isolate per CDC guidelines.  Please utilize the CDC isolation calculator. As with any illness that requires an employee to miss work, it is the employee’s responsibility to communicate directly with their supervisor. Employees will be required to use their PTO and/or Sick Bank for absences.  For additional questions or concerns, the individual or supervisor may contact a Human Resources representative.  

  • Please Note: Barry University is no longer using contact tracing. 

    Students who test positive for COVID-19 must isolate per CDC guidelines.  Please utilize the CDC isolation calculator. Students who are diagnosed with COVID-19, or any other infectious illness (i.e. influenza, strep, etc.) are to remain at home or in their campus residence hall.  Students are responsible for communicating with their professors by email or phone to inform them of their absence.  Students must not visit classrooms, athletic training rooms, or any public area to inform the faculty or staff of their illness.  

    All main campus students have access to Student Health Services (SHS) to be evaluated and treated.  A student who is diagnosed with an infectious illness by SHS will be given a notice of communicable illness form that identifies the date they may return to class. SHS will not provide this notice to a student who has not been seen and diagnosed at the time of the illness.  The form is not an automatic excusal from classes.  All students are expected to adhere to the class attendance policy.  Course faculty will determine how the student will make up class content, clinical rotations, and assignments.  Students attending Barry at distant sites, such as the Law School, are encouraged to use the Student Health Insurance telehealth services, if insured by the student insurance plan, or contact your primary care physician for medical documentation. 

  • No. Once an individual tests positive it is not recommended to retest following an isolation period.  Individuals may return to normal activity on day 6 after isolating from others for a full 5 days. A well-fitted mask is to be worn for an additional 5 days following the isolation period.  You should be fever-free for 24 hours (without taking fever reducing medication) and symptoms improving before you return to work or school. If symptoms continue past the 5 days, contact your health care provider. If you have questions, students should contact Student Health Services at (305) 899-3750 and employees may contact Human Resources. 

  • Barry University no longer is contact tracing, so you do not need to report your exposure.  We recommend that individuals follow the CDC COVID-19 Quarantine and Isolation Calculator. If you are not experiencing symptoms, you do not need to quarantine.  You are expected to continue attending work, classes, or clinical rotations.  It is recommended that a mask is worn for 10 days following an exposure, particularly if you will be around elderly or immunocompromised individuals.  Know the signs and symptoms of COVID-19.   

  • If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, we recommend obtaining a COVID-19 test (i.e. home test, county testing site, pharmacy, etc.) and/or contacting your healthcare provider. Students may contact Student Health Services at (305)899-3750.  Barry University values your health and the health of our community. If you are sick, please remain at home or in your residence hall.

  • For questions related to employee absences from work for COVID-19, please contact Human Resources at 

    For student questions regarding healthcare or COVID-19, please contact Student Health Services @ (305) 899-3750 or email 

    For student questions related to class absences, please contact your professors and/or academic advisors. 

    For questions relating to Housing and Residential Life, please email 

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