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Fall 2020 ISR/Wellness Schedule

Members of the Barry University Community can now participate in a ISR Virtual Fitness Class. These classes are designed to optimize cardiovascular conditioning, muscular development, and endurance building while maintaining a SAFE SOCIAL DISTANCE Learning Environment.

In order for Faculty and Staff to participate in a drop-in basis, a WELLNESS ACTIVITY REGISTRATION FORM must be completed, these forms must be on file with the Campus Rec and Wellness Department. Please complete the WELLNESS ACTIVITY REGISTRATION and email it to along with your valid Barry ID Card to register for one of the ISR Virtual Fitness Classes.

  • Virtual Fitness Classes includes:
  • Zumba
  • Yoga
  • Reggae Fit
  • Body Sculpting

Wellness Activity Registration Form

Strength Training 9-9:50AM MWF ISR 170/07 (online ) SCR/B. Sanders
Strength Training 10-10:50AM MWF ISR 170/01 (online) SCR/A. Kigel
Zumba 10-10:50AM MWF ISR 129/03 (online) Miller Studio/M. Bansee
Strength Training 11-11:50AM MWF ISR 170/02 (online) SCR/A. Kigel
Yoga 12-12:50PM MWF ISR 189/01 (online) Miller Studio/Richard B.
Zumba 1-1:50PM MWF ISR 129/01 (online) Miller Studio/M. Bansee
Basketball 1-1:50PM MWF ISR 113/01 (on-campus) HSC/D. Calabria
Basketball 2-2:50PM MWF ISR 113/02 (on-campus) HSC/D. Calabria
Bootcamp 2-2:50PM MWF ISR 103/01/02 (onliine) Fitness Center/Dan H.
Tai Chi 2-2:50PM MWF ISR 164/01 (on-campus) Miller Studio/X. Dong
Pilates 3-3:50PM MWF ISR 151/02 (on-campus/online) Miller Studio /C. Zoeller
Yoga 6-6:50PM MWF ISR 189/04/06 (on-campus/online) Miller Studio/Claudia Z.
Strength Training 9:30-10:50AM TTH ISR 170/07 (online ) SCR/B. Sanders
Spinning 9:30-10:50AM TTH ISR 121/01 (online) Miller Studio/E. May
Strength Training 11-12:20PM TTH ISR 170/03 (online) SCR/D. Hill
Tennis 11:00AM-12:20PM TTH ISR 165/02 (online) Tennis Courts/M. Alves
Outdoor Soccer 1-2:20PM TTH ISR 123/01 (online) Soccer Fields/B. Galvin
Body Sculpting 1-2:20PM TTH ISR 119/01/02 (on-campus/online) Miller Studio /C. Zoelle
Yoga 2:30-3:50PM TTH ISR 189/02 (online) Miller Studio/Richard B.
Yoga 4-5:20PM TTH ISR 189/03/05 (online) Miller Studio/Richard B.
Aerobics 5:30-6:50PM TTH ISR 101/02/04 (on-campus/online) Miller Studio/Claudia Z.
Tennis 5:00PM-6:50PM TTH ISR 165/03/04 (on-campus/online) Tennis Courts/M. Alves
Mind & Body 8-9:20PM TTH ISR 127/01/02/03 (online) Miller Studio/R. Brookens

Wellness Passport: Please see SES Department - Alena Costume & Kathy Ludwig

Contact Information:
Alena Costume ISR Coordinator
Office: 305-899-3073

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