Individual Counseling

In one-on-one 50 minute weekly or bi-weekly sessions a student will work with a mental health counselor to address any number of issues in an effort to move the client toward a more productive and positive well being.

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Group Counseling

Group counseling is available to students with similar concerns or struggles. This type of counseling may be proposed to student by a counselor after a one-on-one session or a student may indicated there interest via the Interest Survey. Group topics are based on student Interest. 

Psychiatric Services

CCPS employs a consulting Psychiatrist who is available by appointment for medication evaluations, consultations, and management. Students who express interest and have an assessed need for medication will require a referral from a CCPS counselor before seeing the psychiatrist.Students who are already on prescribed medication and would like to receive medication management at CCPS must provide records documenting their current medication treatment. 

It is important to note that students who receive psychiatric services from the CCPS psychiatrist must also be engaged in therapy with a CCPS Counselor.  In addition, there is a fee for psychiatric services and students are responsible for the cost of any prescribed medication.

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Non-diagnostic screenings  for various mental health concerns (depression, eating disorders, etc.)  are available upon request. Students wishing to discuss their results further will need to Make an Appointment. 



There are some instances in which a student may need more intensive or long-term assistance than we are capable of providing. A student with such a need will be referred to a local mental health practitioner taken into account the student’s insurance, travel capabilities, and specialized need.

Psycho-Educational Assessment 

A Psycho-educational Assessment provides estimates of a person’s intellectual or cognitive abilities and possible educational achievement levels. This assessment also yields recommendations relevant for educational planning.

The Assessments are conducted by Doctoral Candidates from NOVA Southeastern University’s Clinical Psychology doctorial program receiving clinical supervision as part of their specialized practicum at CCPS. There is a $75 fee for the assessment that will be applied directly to the student’s account.

Please review the pamphlet featured under “Quick Links” for more information pertaining to Psycho-educational assessment at CCPS.

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For information concerning the MAT, please refer to the appropriate page.

Confidentiality Statement

Without a signed release of information from the student/client, the counselor may not discuss any specifics of the student/client's situation nor confirm whether a student is receiving counseling services.

Confidentiality may be broken to protect the safety of you or others. Exceptions to confidentiality are:

  • A student poses clear and imminent danger to self or another
  • Neglect or abuse to the individual or others
  • A court-ordered subpoena that requires the counselor to release information
  • Consultation with other Counseling Center counselors for clinical purposes

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