Housing Policies and Procedures

Housing and Residence Life

Housing Policies and Procedures

Statement of Purpose

The Department of Housing and Residence Life (HRL) is committed to working with students, staff, and faculty in the creation of a caring, learning environment in which students can find opportunities to excel academically and interpersonally. The department continuously strives to provide ways in which students can better understand themselves and others in the community. In collaboration with other departments and university personnel, the Housing and Residence Life staff works hard to provide a clean, comfortable, secure, and safe environment in which students can learn, reflect and serve. The staff acts as catalysts in the development of a healthy, vibrant community where involvement, leadership, spiritual development, and life-long learning are natural components of day-to-day living. This commitment supports the continued evolution of the Barry University Mission and the "Four Core Commitments. "Knowledge and Truth, Inclusive Community, Social Justice and Collaborative Service"


Residents living in University Housing are expected to conduct themselves in accordance with the University Housing Standards for Community Living. Each resident agrees to be responsible for knowing and abiding by the rules and procedures in the University Housing Contract, this Manual, the Student Code of Conduct, and official University publications. These documents are published to provide residents with general notice of appropriate conduct. The rules in this Manual should be read broadly, and are not designed to define misconduct in exhaustive terms. Many of the rules, policies and procedures provided in this Manual are a summary for residents.

Violators of the University rules outlined in the Student Handbook, this Manual, or the University Housing contract will be subject to disciplinary action. The University Housing staff reserves the right to amend or add additional rules, procedures, dates and/or times as judgment necessitates for the safety, care, cleanliness and smooth operation of the facilities. Residents are responsible for reading all University Housing materials and information placed in on-campus mailboxes or posted on bulletin boards and resident access areas. Residents are responsible for complying with instructions provided by University Housing staff. The University Housing Staff has a broad supervisory authority for the administration of University Housing rules. Finally, residents are required to check their BUCMAIL E-mail account in accordance with University policy, as this is the main form of communication with students.

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