University Owned Property

Housing Policies and Procedures

University Owned Property


In order to reduce long-term damage to doors, residents may post only one in/out board on the doors entering resident's room/apartment/suite areas. Anything placed on a door must not cause any long-term damage to the door or threshold of the door. The doors are the main egress of the room in case of fire.


Tampering with or rewiring elevators is prohibited. Elevators may not be used during general building evacuation in a fire or severe weather emergency. Overloading elevators is prohibited. Ringing/sounding /engaging the emergency bell inside an elevator is prohibited, unless an emergency is occurring.


  • Residents are responsible for all furnishings provided in their units. Unit furnishings may not be removed from assigned locations. Alterations or damages to furnishings will result in charges for replacement or restoration to original condition. If unit furniture is missing, the resident will be charged for the replacement of the furniture.
  • Waterbeds, lofts or homemade bunk beds are not permitted. Due to limited space and safety reasons, students are discouraged from bringing in additional furnishings. University Housing staff reserves the right to have students remove personal furnishings from a unit if those furnishings are believed to pose a safety risk, impede movement within the unit or represent a fire hazard.
  • Community and lounge furniture may not be removed or relocated. Appropriate University Housing lounge furniture is provided and other furnishings will not be permitted in community/ lounge areas. If community and lounge furniture is found within a resident's unit, the resident(s) will be charged a fee and will be subject to University Housing disciplinary action.
  • Residents are permitted to bring personal items, such as rugs, throw pillows, curtains and bedspreads. Residents are encouraged to use personal items which are fire retardant. Furnishings and any item brought into the room must be arranged in a manner that does not obstruct clear access to exits, including windows.
  • Residents are not permitted to cover lights or drape or hang items from lights, windows, walls or ceilings in any manner. Paper or other flammable decorations should be used with care and should not cover windows. Students are permitted to hang posters as long as no damage is done to the walls.
  • Decorations should be mounted with "magic mount" (e.g., sticky tack and poster putty) to avoid marring painted surfaces when tape is removed. Tape, nails, tacks and screws are prohibited, as they damage the wall surfaces. The damaging of a surface may result in a room damage charge. Residents may not drill holes or permanently attach any objects to walls, floors, ceilings or doors. Residents may not attach stickers to doors, walls and/or windows and may not wallpaper or paint any area of university housing facilities. Residents may enhance their rooms, but must return them to their original conditions upon departure.
  • Live Christmas trees, because they burn easily and rapidly, are prohibited in university housing units. Only UL approved holiday lights may be utilized within the residence halls. The use of "canned snow is strictly prohibited within university housing facilities. Nothing may be affixed to front doors with anything other than "magic mount."


Parking or driving on the grounds within University Housing is prohibited. Camping or sleeping on the grounds is also prohibited.


Mold occurs naturally in the environment and there is currently no state or federal laws that define the amount or type of mold that is hazardous or that define the University's duties with respect to mold. Our goal is to maintain the highest quality living environment for our residents. Residents are hereby notified that mold, however, can grow if the premises are not properly maintained or ventilated. Residents are required to keep the premises clean and well-ventilated, particularly when showering, bathing or washing dishes or clothes. Resident is required to notify the Department of Housing and Residence Life promptly (within 24 hours) about the existence of water leakage or overflow in or about the premises.

Students can best ensure and maintain a safe and healthful environment by following the simple guideline:

  • Keep windows closed. This is especially true on hot, humid days. This typically occurs during the months of April to October
  • Avoid drying wet clothes or other materials within your room; this only adds to moisture levels
  • Never set the thermostat below 70 degrees. The colder the surface is within a room, the sooner condensation will form
  • Practice good housekeeping. Dirty and or damp laundry will not only add to room odors but will also provide a breeding ground for microbial growth
  • Report any air conditioning problems. If you are having any problems with your A/C or thermostat, please submit a work request at the Department of Housing and Residence Life
  • Be advised that lengthy showers in a closed bathroom can add to growth. Be sure to properly air-out your restroom after showering.


Parking lots are located near each University Housing area for residents' vehicles. All residents' vehicles must possess valid decals. Decals may be obtained from the Public Safety Department. All vehicles, including motorcycles are prohibited from parking beneath building overhangs. Disruptive conduct which occurs in a parking lot or other area adjacent to University Housing is prohibited and is subject to disciplinary action by the Department of Housing and Residence Life in addition to the Dean of Students.


Nails, tacks, boards or any adhesive products which damage wall, floor and ceiling surfaces are strictly prohibited. Painting, wallpapering, caulking, plastering and paneling in a unit by the resident is not permitted. Posters, pictures and other decorative objects may be attached to interior surfaces of a unit with the understanding that the residents of the unit will be held financially responsible for any resulting damage. Shelves or other items are not to be attached to walls or ceilings. Carpet may not be affixed to the floor surface. Residents will be charged for the repair of any damages from the violation of these policies. Contact the Department of Housing and Residence Life prior to making any kind of room modification.


Along with our beautiful location and weather come some additional considerations in order to keep pest problems at a minimum. The Environmental Pest Control visits once a month. Here are a few suggestions that will keep your residence halls pest free:

  • Avoid leaving doors and windows open. Humidity will cause condensation and dampness, which in turn will attract creatures especially ants. Additionally, air conditioning units will be adversely affected by leaving doors and windows open.
  • Secure all open food in sealed containers or store in refrigerators.
  • Do not leave empty drink cans or other trash items around rooms or in hallways. Please dispose of all items such as these in appropriate trash or recycling containers. Empty your personal trash containers regularly to avoid having little friends move in with you.


Notices, flyers, ads and other informational items may be posted only on designated boards and only with authorization from the Housing and Residence Life staff. Postings are not permitted on hallway walls, glass windows, or doorways. All flyers must have a University Housing stamp to be posted within the halls or apartment areas. The Housing Stamp can be obtained from the Housing and Residence Life office. Flyers advertising events with alcohol will be not be approved for posting. All items posted must also be in compliance with the University Posting Policy (see Student Handbook). No individual, including mailroom staff persons, is permitted to distribute any materials other than University Housing materials into the resident's mailboxes.


Sitting, standing on, climbing on, or hanging from a balcony, railing or roof is prohibited. Bikes, banners, signs, clothing, plants, or other items may not be hung from balconies, roofs or windows. Possession of open containers of alcohol or consumption of alcoholic beverages in these areas is prohibited. In compliance with the Florida Clean Indoor Air Act, all residents and guests who wish to smoke tobacco must do so at least 20 feet away from any building including overhangs, balconies, stairwells and entrances.


Reservations for space in the Weber Game room or D&D lounge may be made at the Housing and Residence Life office in Landon 305.


Windows are not to be used by residents as an entrance or an exit to units except when directed to do so by emergency personnel. Signs, flags, stickers, design items, pictures, posters, banners, bottles or bottle collections, and similar objects may not be displayed in windows. For safety purposes, items are not to block or impede access or exit to/from the unit. Window coverings of any type (except those issued by the Department of Housing and Residence Life) are prohibited. Students are not permitted to remove and/or tamper with their window screens. Windows in all residence halls must remain closed at all times. Residents are subject to University Housing disciplinary action and fine if windows are found to be open.

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