Hurricane Safety

Safety and Security

Hurricane Safety

In the event a hurricane threatens the South Florida area, the National Weather Service will issue warning information through public releases through the press, radio, and television. Pay close attention to official announcements from the National Hurricane Center and the Department of Housing and Residence Life. Do not pay attention to rumors. Current information will be available through the following sources:

  • posted on the bulletin boards outside RA rooms
  • posted on the door of each room
  • broadcast on the Barry TV channel
  • posted on bulletin board outside the Housing and Residence Life Office

Should evacuation be mandatory, we encourage all students who can to go home, and if possible, take a friend or two with you. If you do not have a place to go, University Housing will transport students to and from a Red Cross Approved Shelter. Please contact your RA, or the Housing Office at 305-899-3875 if you anticipate needing to go to into Shelter.

A shelter is a last resort. If you plan to go into shelter, remember to bring the following: bottled water, snacks, prescription and emergency medication, extra clothing, pillows, blankets and other comfort items, hygiene supplies, cash, any special dietary food, cards, games, a battery powered radio and a flash light. Please remember to bring all important documentation such as your driver's license, visas, I-20's and passports. Please make sure that your I-20 has been signed within the last year of its issuance. Shelters will have a team of volunteers including a nurse to register you and look after your well being. While shelters will provide meals such as sandwiches and soups, it will take time to get the food set up and served so you should eat before you leave campus. Foods served will be simple and conditions may be very crowded. Remember a shelter is not designed for comfort; it is designed to save your life!

If the campus is evacuated, please take your bicycle into your room. In addition, please do not forget to bring all medical prescriptions, money, enough clothing, etc. If there is a mandatory evacuation, students will not be permitted back on campus!

Residence hall windows are not sealed closed; therefore we encourage all residents to move belongings off floors and away from windows. All residents are also encouraged to move beds away from windows. Please see your RA for plastic bags to cover any electronic belongings you may have.

You must contact your RA if you are leaving campus for this storm event; as you must complete paperwork designating where you are going in the event of an emergency. There will be a sign out sheet on your RA's door beginning this evening.

For the most current information regarding the University's status, please visit


Residents of University Themed Housing and apartments must follow evacuation procedures. No one will be allowed to stay in the houses and/or apartments once the Department of Housing and Residence Life issues an evacuation notice.

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