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Residential Meal Plan Option

Housing and Residence Life

Residential Meal Plan Option

Resident Students

How the Meal Plans Work: Roussell Dining Hall is the primary location for students to use their meal plans. Student meal plans run on a weekly basis starting on Friday morning and ending Thursday evening. Unused Board Meals do not roll over to the following week.

Daily Meal Swipes: Resident students will be allowed to swipe up to four (4) meal swipes per day (M-F), and three (3) meal swipes Saturday and Sunday. Swipes can be used for whichever meal period the student chooses.

Dining Dollars: Dining Dollars are a great way to dine across campus. They can be used at the retail locations in the Subway, Asian Kitchen, Grill 165, Outtakes, We Proudly Serve [Buc Stop Café @Thompson Hall], Create, Juiceblendz, Outtakes [Dominican Hall] Dunkin Donuts and Baskin Robins [Garner Hall] Bucky's Cove, Union Market and Roussell [Landon Student Union]. Dining Dollars hold a dollar for dollar value and expire at the end of the semester with the meal plan. Additional Dining Dollars can be added online utilizing GET Mobile by the CBORD Group. The app is available on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Funds can also be added by visiting

Meal Plan Equivalency Program: The meal plan equivalency program allows students to grab a combo meal at Dominican Hall's - [Create & Juiceblendz] and Roussell Grab-n-Go to substitute a meal swipe off their weekly meal plan swipe allotment. These locations will offer combos in exchange for a meal swipe. All other retail locations can accept dining dollars, flex bucs, cash, credit or debit.

Late Night Hours: Late night dining hours (M-F: 8:00 pm to 10:00 pm) will be offered at Roussell Dining Hall including light offerings available at Fresh Market, Pasta & Pizza Station, South Beach Sub Station and the Buccaneer Grill Station.

Menu: The menu at Roussell is as diverse as its team. The locations features house-made pizza, elaborate salad bar, fresh-baked pastries, made-to-order sandwiches, home-style food, vegetarian options, avoiding gluten, vegan options, local produce, healthy selections, burgers, beverages, coffee, an all-day breakfast corner and more. The menu changes consistently while weekly events and features are set in place to bring excitement to the dining hall. Theme meals are held throughout the year to offer a fun interpretation on school and national events.

Know Your Stations

Dining Locations

Flex Bucs

The Flex Bucs account is a declining balance account for all debit functions on campus. These funds are placed on the student's university issued ID card. At this time the ID card handles the following debit functions:

  • Bookstore purchases
  • All dining venues on campus
  • Business Center
  • Printing

Flex Bucs accounts can be opened at the Cashier Business Office (CBO). Payments of cash, check or credit card are accepted. Requests for billing against excess Financial Aid, loans or scholarship funds to your university account are done at the same office. A refund request of Flex Bucs begins at the Student Union Office located in Landon Student Union.

Deposits in this account carry over from semester to semester.

Additional funds can be added to this account at any time during a semester in person at the Cashier/Business office or by visiting

Unused funds will be refunded upon request.

A university ID card is required for all Flex Bucs account purchases.

A university ID card can only be used by the person to whom it is issued.

Unauthorized or fraudulent use of an ID card will result in the card being confiscated and all persons involved being referred to the university student conduct system.

Any systematic problems with the university ID card must be taken to the Student Union Office for resolution.

Payments of cash, check or credit card to the Flex Bucs account are made at the office of Cashiers/Business Office, Farrell Hall, Room 110. Requests for billing against excess Financial Aid, loans or scholarship monies to your university account are done at the same office. Refunds of Flex Bucs money begins with a request made at the Office of the Student Union located in Landon Student Union.

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