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What is the Student Organization Council?

The Student Organization Council (SOC) acts as the advocate for all registered and recognized clubs and organizations. Student Organization Council believes that clubs and organizations are the life of the campus and an individual’s decision to get involved is essential to truly enjoy their college years. To ensure that student involvement in a club or organization is a rewarding experience SOC will provide leadership opportunities, strive to develop a spirit of unity, and represent the interest of all organizations while catering to the needs of all student leaders. Additionally, SOC will assist organizations and help them to remain in good standing with the council, as well as encourage interaction and communication among organizations and students to increase awareness of the clubs and organizations at Barry University.

For more information or questions please contact the Office of Student Life 305-899-3961.

Student Government Association

  1. Mission
  2. SGA Constitution
  3. Meet the Team
    1. Group Photo
    2. Individual Photos (Below each photo will be a bio link that includes each member's name, position, class, major, and future interest)
      1. Johanssen Grandoit - President
      2. "AJ' Joshway - Vice President
      3. Derricha Joseph Taylor - Secretary
      4. Julienn Cedeno - Treasurer
      5. Le' Treh Carter - Senator
      6. Taymaa Nofal - Senator
      7. Elise Minaya - Senator
      8. Victor Zamora - Senator
  4. Important Forms
    1. Tabling Request Form
    2. Space Request Form
    3. Fund Request Form
    4. Project/Design Job Request Form
    5. Photography Services Request Form
  5. Calendar
    1. SGA Meetings
    2. SGA and main events
    3. President Roundtable Meetings
  6. Meeting Minutes
  7. Office Hours
    1. 9AM-5PM (An SGA member or front desk assistant will be available)
  8. Social Media
    1. Instagram: barryusga

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