Guidelines and Procedures

Student Union

Guidelines and Procedures

All persons using the Landon Student Union building are expected to behave in an appropriate and respectful manner. Anyone who is acting inappropriately or not authorized to be on campus may be asked to leave the premises by the student union staff or Public Safety.


    • All Barry University faculty, staff, and students are required to carry a Barry ID with them at all times and must show identification upon request by a university official. The BUC Card should be used only by the individual whose name and picture appears on the card.
    • Animals are not permitted in the Student Union unless it is a service dog.
    • Bicycle racks are located at all entrances of the Student Union. The Student Union is not responsible for bicycles that are unlocked and unattended.
    • The use of skates and skateboards is strictly prohibited inside the Student Union building.
    • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the Student Union.
    • Smoking is not permitted within 25-feet of the building's doors. Receptacles are placed outside of the union for proper disposal of cigarette/tobacco butts.
    • Any individual or group using the Student Union facilities is responsible for all damages.
    • Candles and open flames are not allowed in the Student Union at any time.
    • The use of tape, tacks, nails, and staples on walls, doors, mirrors, and ceilings is not allowed.
    • At any time furniture should not be moved, removed, or misused. All requests for furniture relocation must be submitted in advance to the Student Union Office.
    • The loading dock gates should remain closed at all times.
    • The loading dock is only for the use of service and delivery vehicles.
    • To access the loading dock gates, please call Public Safety at (305)899-3333 or the Student Union at (305) 899-4900.
    • All accidents should receive immediate and appropriate attention, and should be reported to Public Safety.
      • All accidents involving an individual on campus must be reported to the appropriate personnel.
      • In an event of any life threatening situation, dial 911 and contact Public Safety for help.

Emergency Procedures

General fire alarm and evacuation procedures are as follows:

  1. When a fire alarm sounds, all personnel must evacuate the building immediately. Even if it is a false alarm or a drill, please continue to acknowledge the fire alarms and exit the building.
  2. When evacuating the building, personnel must move away from the exit doors.
  3. With the exception of the fire department, Student Union personnel, and Public Safety officers, no one is allowed to re-enter the building until notified by a Public Safety officer.
  4. If the alarm is silenced, this not an indicator that it is safe to re-enter the building.
  5. Public Safety has the responsibility to determine that the building has been evacuated and when it is safe to re-enter. The officers will coordinate with the fire department personnel, as required.

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